TCM Toronto January 2017

WHAT:  Transforming Cellular Memory (TCM)

WHO:     FACILITATED by TCM Founder Don Hanson  SPONSORED by Julia Malone 

WHEN :  January 20th – January 22nd, 2017

WHERE: The Beaches

COST :     $450 CAD /per person  


  • 5 Transforming Cellular Memory Group Sessions (about 2.5 hours each) with Don Hanson 

*Does not include transportation or accommodations or meals, although we are happy to help make arrangements.

Don Hanson talks about the process…

Transforming Cellular Memory (TCM) is a unique and powerful transformational practices that , Julia Malone (Canadian living abroad since 09′) called into her life while looking for a greater more clear connection with all that is.  Through a high vibrational community in Costa Rica Julia met the founder of TCM, Don Hanson M.A. Don is an international teacher, healer, founder and group process facilitator of Transforming Cellular Memory . He is a licensed interfaith minister and has spent over 40 years unraveling his own fear-based belief systems and mind-sets and has awakened a profound ability to bring through powerful healing energies.  

September 2016  was the first time that Julia Malone organized a workshop of this kind in Toronto and it was such a success amongst the 15 attendees that she is excited to return again for the second time in 5 months. 


Just under a year ago after only 5 days with Don Hanson and his process of TCM in a Costa Rica workshop. Julia came to understand that anyone can tap in directly to source energy/ great spirit/their higher self and work directly with this energy  once a person asks, surrenders and is willing to look at them-self. But it makes it a lot more feasible to launch into a deep connection with this source energy when we have a guide who really knows what he/she’s doing,  has a great connection (has really done their inner work), who is willing to make the introduction and reveal the codes to call in the energy.  Don’s connection is so strong that during the workshop he can help create a positive cellular memory experience which makes it easier to get back into that high vibration more easily again later, without Don needing to be there.  The aspect of community also plays a vital role to help us see these other aspects of ourself, even  if this “community” is only coming together in physical presence for few days during the TCM event. These few days are similar to the way the indigenous people come together in ceremony and are imperative to a thriving existence.

Don’s connection to Divine light is strong and he brings through an energy that is quite easy to feel even if you do not consider yourself to be the most finely attuned person. As he  brings in this energy he empowers people by giving them access to the same juicy energy that they can then call in at any time they choose to help themselves and others. When Don brings the light in and when a person surrenders and opens to the experience, they can bring to the surface and release layers of trauma and ancestral baggage that was previously trapped in their cells. If we experience a traumatic event it gets coded in our cellular memory. We may not be conscious of it on a mind level, or know that certain event were coded as traumatic but our body remembers and holds onto these memories until they are realized. When we tap into our subconscious cellular memory (which happens when we show up ask for help, listen/feel with curiosity and openness) we can discover these traumas and release them from our body and being.

When the current of energy is running through a persons body it is possible to feel irritated, sad, angry or even heavy followed by a  euphoric feeling that leaves you feeling, light, free, optimistic and clear.  Some people experience temporary increase of symptoms while getting well.  It is also possible for joints to become lubricated and many physical pains arising and then dissolving away. As the subconscious layers of trauma and pain reveal themselves through the TCM work, many people experience the essence of their true nature and expansion into a broader more clear channel to bring though flowing healing energy not only to themselves but to all those around them!

Sessions take place in a circle with a group. When one person is worked on everyone gets the benefits. We are all mirrors for one another and if you don’t know this now you will understand when you are in the circle.  Although speaking up in the circle can aid in activating a deeper level of healing, it is possible not to say anything and someone in the circle will bring up something that will trigger healing in your body.   Easy to be vulnerable in this safe container that Don and the facilitators creates, there are 5 sessions in total each about 2.5 to 3 hours or more.

       “As you peel back layers you start to shine even brighter, learn more about yourself, the energy    and SO MUCH MORE! Let’s go on a Transformational Adventure together!” – Julia Malone


Friday 20th of January –

Evening Circle Session 6:30 pm

Saturday 21st
Circle Session 10 am-
Lunch Break 12.30pm
Circle Session 2pm – 6pm

Sunday 22nd
Circle Session 10 am-
Lunch Break 12.30pm
Circle Session 2pm – 6pm

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