OCTOBER 28, 2018

Who You Are

You have had at least one awakening experience. A period of time where you accessed higher truth, and had deep knowing that there is more going on than meets the eye. You have tasted enlightenment and are hungry for more. You seek transformation. You may already understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You take responsibility for your life, and understand that you are its co-creator, not a bystander. You have an innate desire to continue “waking up”, and to make profound changes in your life to support this. You are READY to merge with your High Self and access your abundance.

Why Take RYH?

If you are reading this it is because your soul is calling you to integrate into your wholeness – because integration is healing. Having many experiences doesn’t make you wise. Integrating those experiences is where wisdom and growth come in.

In Realize Your Highness we give you the opportunity to integrate your awakening experiences and keep building on it without regressing.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Many invest in education, which expands the mind. This is an investment in transformation, which expands the spirit. Ren and Julia have spent over a hundred thousand dollars in transformational study and trainings, and over a decade in trial and error learning from mistakes that you don’t have to make! They have combined the best of the best tools, so if you feel drawn to RYH, then these tools are aligned with your soul needs at this time.

How We Help

We support empowered leaders, creators, and innovators with the tools and community they need to integrate and thrive in their awakening process. We are your personal Awakening & Integration Support Team! We give you clear guidance to raise and hold your high vibration and ground it deeply into all aspects of this Earthly lifetime. In RYH you will be in the energy field of a very high vibrational group of people – which is key to being able to merge with your High Self and access your full potential in this life. We assist you in pruning all lower energy frequencies so that in 8 weeks time, you are simply LIVING in prosperity, and you remember that self-love is your natural state. Your Highness is waiting for you – We help you to Realize it.

 For less than $19 a Day, You Get:

  • 8 weeks of being held in a high vibrational container

  • Personal feedback and guidance from your awakening integration team (Ren and Julia)

  • 8 audio recorded unique meditations to ground in your awakening

  • 8 audio recorded activations to advance your expansion

  • 8 fun homeplay assignments

  • Access to expert knowledge, resources and practices

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact and ask questions

  • 8 Jewels (Modules) of mind-blowing content

  • 8 weekly group Zoom calls

  • Infinite Source-inspired content

You Will Discover

  • What phase of your awakening you are in

  • How to write your awakening story to be in line with the life you desire

  • Who you truly are at a soul level – your passion, your purpose

  • How to remove blocks and reprogram your cellular memory

  • Balance in all areas of your life in order to support staying awake

  • How to stay in the flow, and surrender into the ebb

  • Deep grounding practices to anchor in your High Self

  • How to love and integrate your shadow aspects and harness their power

  • How to connect and strengthen your relationship with your higher power guides

  • Your unique and inspired daily practice that will support your Highness

  • How to attract abundance in all areas of your life

  • What needs to shift in order to know you are worthy of a more fulfilling life


How do I access these modules?

Each week on Sunday the new Jewel will be dropped in a shared Google Drive for the class

How much of a time commitment is this course?

That is really up to you! You can put in 30 minutes or 4 hours per day – it depends on how deep you want to go. There are the unique weekly practices (meditations, activations, etc.) that you can choose to use everyday, or not! And there are bonus practices (i.e. card readings, consciousness clearings, cellular memory transformations, etc.), particularly on the weekly Zoom call, that you can participate in, or not!

What if I can’t participate in the Zoom calls due to other commitments?

No problem – they are all recorded, and dropped into our shared drive. We do recommend listening to them either way, because the affects of any healing work done will still apply to you whether you were there live or not.

I don’t like being on my computer more than I have to be – how much ‘online presence’ is required?

Most of your practices you can do offline – so you don’t have to be on your computer all the time. Only the modules need to be read online, and the rest is either activities offline, or up to you (i.e. engagement in the private Facebook group, attendance at the Zoom calls, etc.).


Julia Malone has a deep love and respect for entheogens –  so much that she’s never had a one night stand with plant spirits! She is a pioneer in plant medicine awakening integration with 10 years of Iboga facilitation in a shamanic context, as well as experience with other awakening-type medicines including Ayahuasca, Peyote and Mushrooms. Julia is initiated in the Maboundi tradition – a shamanic practice from the jungles of Gabon which provides integration to one of the most powerful plant medicines on the planet. Her own unique path to awakening includes working with plants, kundalini activations, tantra initiation and finding deep connection to source in the everyday. For the last several years Julia has studied and put to practice integration tools to keep connected to her higher self while aligning on a path to Truth. Julia is a mom, an architect, entrepreneur, community builder with an abiding passion for transformation, attaining her truest expression, and sharing what she has learned with others to sow more freedom, joy and abundance throughout the globe.

Renata Maniaci has been holding space for folks uncovering and recovering their authentic High Self for over a decade. A research scholar in the mind, and metaphysician at heart, Ren geeks out over the intersections of science and spirituality, and uses both concepts to support people in their awakening process. Ren is singularly skilled at grounding, and uses this gift to help anchor one’s moments of enlightenment into their daily lives, thereby ensuring clients’ continued transformation as a common occurrence. Ren’s awakening process has included profound spiritual, energetic, and plant experiences – which only strengthened their clear-sightedness and refreshingly direct manner. Renata is dedicated to their own Highness journey, and finds passion in supporting those ready to realize their own truest expression in this lifetime. Ren is a genderfluid person, energy medicine practitioner, Healing Touch Certified Instructor, and metaphysical podcast host, who uses all these perspectives and more in their work. Renata loves continuing to Realize their Highness in laughter and good company. Renata uses “they/them/theirs” pronouns.

We present to you our labour of love:

We are excited by the possibility of assisting you on YOUR HIGHNESS path. If our message resonates with you, please contact us today.

In Gratitude and Love,

Renata Maniaci  &   Julia Malone



“Ren and Julia are like two magnets charging each other and everyone in their presence in the most positive ways. It is incredible to watch. They have a way of seeing your High Self and holding you accountable to it. I am so grateful for the ascension support they have been offering me over the years.” – Estrella V, United States

“I’m Robin, a Canadian and mother of two young girls who’s lived in Costa Rica for the last ten years. I am deep grateful for all the miraculous gifts that have been revealed throughout and since receiving the RYH course. I feel a much deeper connection to my intuition and a greater level of confidence and commitment to following what my higher self is guiding me towards. I’ve noticed that when my reasoning mind starts to work overtime, I am not in alignment with my truth, and now I’ve learned how to connect with my center. I’ve shed self doubt, unworthiness, and fear. My life dreams and goals are manifesting before my eyes and my life’s purpose work is revealing itself to me, all in the most supported, easy and graceful ways. I feel an even stronger sure sense of my power and capabilities and am excited and joyful for the gift of each new day! The facilitators hold the container of this course in the highest of integrity and I truly felt their presence and support through the entire 8 week journey, and I always felt safe to express myself fully!” – Robin N, Costa Rica

“When I began this course I felt STUCK. I was going through a rough patch after ending a 9-year relationship and experiencing a physically painful miscarriage. I couldn’t even clean my house because I didn’t know where to start because I couldn’t make a decision. Throughout this course, decades-old beliefs, emotions, and programming were brought up and cleared out. I discovered feelings that I had inherited from others and was able to release all of them. I am now able to identify when the Universe is speaking to me through my dreams and how to understand what she is saying. I came into this course feeling stuck and defeated, and I am leaving this course feeling empowered spiritually, emotionally, and physically.”
-Maria J, Costa Rica