Transformational Adventures is Julia’s life in a nutshell. Julia is a messenger, spiritual activist, an architect, a teacher, sacred plant medicine veteran, a writer and community builder. She has spent the last 10 years of her life helping people to transform themselves and live a more authentic and connected life.  In the last 10 years, while living in Costa Rica, Julia has brought thousands of people to Central America to experience spiritual awakenings.

Today alongside being a mom, designing a community farming project, providing spiritual awakening sessions and writing her courses, she is developing a platform called Afterplant.com , which is intended to help people integrate their soul after experiencing a Master Plant medicine ceremony.    Julia is the creator of various online awakening integration programs which offers tools and support to those following their awakening experiences.

When people come to work with Julia they get a taste of the teachings and processes that she integrated from her studies with world-famous shamans, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, psychologists, clairvoyants and yoga instructors who are on the leading edge of transformation and awakening.

Julia offers services with her or with her team/teachers in the areas of plant medicine, transformation, awakening arts, kundalini, reiki energy, tantra, light transmission, life coaching, detox and nutrition, various forms of meditation, integration and light leader initiation work.

In the last year, Julia has hosted and helped many spiritual teachers to create, develop and organize retreats, ceremonies, initiations, rights of passage, workshops, and program to offer their skills to the people that need them. 

Julia’s mission is to connect deeply with herself and others so that she can share a grounded high vibration which ultimately serves to activate massive positive change in human evolution. She holds a vision of an ideal world and has spoken on stages to thousands as an activist and promotor of transformation. Through her own coaching practice, activation events and in daily life, she continues to switch on and inspire many people around the world.

Since following an intuitive message to focus on relationship building followed by a major awakening in 2009 which connected Julia with her true self and then an near-death trauma years later which had her doing everything in her power to get her true self back, her gift has been in helping others to develop a deeper relationship and connect with their true selves and the universe.

Julia is the founder and owner of Inspiravida regenerative, high vibrational community, biodynamic superfood and cacao farm on 50 acres in the horseshoe of the children’s eternal rainforest in Costa Rica. Which is home to a community of 6 families.  The land hosts transformational ceremonies and awakening workshops at various times throughout the year. She is also the co-founder of Nino’s de la Terra a Waldorf inspired Elementary school in Costa Rica.

Prior to her awakening experience, Julia was working as an Architect in Canada when she followed an intuitive message that led her to Costa Rica to learn about plant medicine and shamanism. Where in ceremony she ended 12 years of depression by discovering her mission: To help people to awaken to their true selves and live a life of purpose. Which she sees as a solution to world suffering.

Julia was initiated through a family style ceremony into an African shamanic tradition where she was given the opportunity to be the first westerner to be blessed to train and present an authentic 1000 year ancestral lineage of shamanic plant medicine practices in a treatment modality that best serves the Western world. She now has over 9 years experience in working with shamanic based planet medicine, 5 years in running a 30 patient a month licensed shamanic retreat cente.  She has organized and hosted over 1700 people in hundreds of retreats in Costa Rica.

She has spent months at a time working and living intimately with a Shaman in Africa and Costa Rica and assisting in creating and training other shamanic providers world wide.  Julia took a year off to deepen in community and explore other awakening modalities by way of studying with international teachers, shamans, healers whom almost all are now her clients. During that time Julia received some incredible insights on her spiritual path as an activator for change and also guidance on how to better provide a more culturally integrated plant medicine program.

While reflecting back on several years of assisting people to awaken, Julia noticed a need for post awakening support not only for plant medicine awakenings but for Kundalini awakening practices as well as, and a process she has found to be as powerful as plant medicine which also builds a structure to hold open the doors the medicines open, which is a Bhatki and Chi based energy process called Transforming Cellular Memory. In response to her observations she birthed an improved ceremonial experience and a pre and post care program for AfterPlant.com which also helps people, post awakening experience, to better integrate their newly upgraded, highly awakened self, where they can continue to rise and stay connected in a world where the majority of people are still sleeping.

Julia lives in a healing arts community in Costa Rica with her son. She loves her adventurous life in the tropics where she enjoys, spending time with her son and in their dream sanctuary home with friends, traveling, martial arts, yoga, ocean swimming and fishing, hiking, food forging, DJ’ing, dancing, ceremony and of course studying life, spirituality and practising transformation.