Cellular alchemy is a healing process where Julia Malone uses her intuition, wisdom of the oracle and universal healing energies and spirits in a shamanic process to unlock hidden memories from a person’s cells. Once the memories have been realized then they are released and transmuted into deeper levels of trust, gratitude and love through the Cellular alchemy process.

In a group, Cellular Alchemy is a transformational participant sit together in a sacred circle and are guided deeper into their true nature by clearing outdated subconscious memories and going deeper into expanding truth. Participants learn how to listen to energy, communicate and follow the universal energy, Great Spirit, also known as Divine Light, God, or a preferred higher power name. As the light comes into the space subconscious energies will be bought into awareness and participants can feel different physical sensations happening in their bodies as layers of previously crystallized cellular programming start to dissolve and transform into love as they are exposed. The group will move through layers of feelings, releasing negative programming, trauma, shame, fear, guilt, disconnection, anger, and toxic patterns, from this lifetime, other lifetimes and ancestral imprints. As a person’s cells release and transmute lower vibrations they begin to resonate at higher frequencies, opening one up to natural states of love and clarity.

The group process is also facilitated by Julia Malone. Julia is a mother, a student and teacher of transformation and has been holding sacred awakening space in Costa Rica for the last 10 years for individuals and groups from around the world.

*The event may also include music, meditation and movement. 🙂

Cellular Alchemy 1 Month Online Series  – $444

  • 4 weeks of empowering private calls with me that include insights giving you clarity into your life as well as Cellular Alchemy sessions to release fears and insecurities and transmute them into love and joy
  • 4 weeks of fun practices and guidance to make a better connection with your higher self with ease and grace and intern improving your relationship with others
  • Activation, meditations and valuable information that will help you clear blocks that are holding you back in all areas of life; including in relationships
  • You can also private message your questions to me and I will answer them
  • The essential stages of awakening to your higher self and how to move through the stages with as much ease and grace as possible
  • Guided recordings you can listen to help you connect with your best self ASAP
  • Meditation to help you heal and open your heart to receive love

You’ll notice shifts happening, as layers of old patterns, programming, and toxic energies begin to clear.

During this 4 week online series, you’ll learn how to identify and move through the subconscious blocks and patterns that have been holding you back from bringing in your best life, and you’ll learn valuable tools, exercises, and action steps to align you with manifesting and keeping your dream life.

1 Private Cellular Alchemy Session – $111 USD (First intro session is $144 – 1 hour)

A 40-minute call with me that include insights giving you clarity into your life as well as a Cellular Alchemy session releasing fears and insecurities and transmuting them into love and joy. 

If you are interested in experiencing this work by doing a session, workshop or retreat with Julia email julia@transformationaladventures.org or please fill out the contact form by clicking here.