TCM Costa Rica October 2016

WHAT: Transforming Cellular Memory (TCM)

WHO:  TCM Founder Don Hanson  hosted by  Johanna Harmala and promoted by Julia Malone

WHEN :  September 30th – October 5th, 2016

WHERE: Living Forest, Lake Arenal, COSTA RICA




Don Hanson is back for the third time in Lake Arenal Retreat Center. If you attended the beautiful session we had in February, you will certainly want to come back for more, and if you have not experienced TCM  you will want to try this life-changing, soul awakening workshop for yourself!

Don Hanson M.A. is an international teacher, healer and group process facilitator. He is a licensed interfaith minister and has spent over 40 years unraveling his own fear-based belief systems and mind-sets and has awakened a profound ability to bring through powerful healing energies.

What is Transforming Cellular Memory and what to expect during the workshop?

During a Transforming Cellular Memory workshop divine energy flows through the body on a regular and continuous basis. This energy is so powerful it targets all limitations in your body, mind and emotions that have to do with old fear based realities, belief systems and conditioning you inherited from your ancestors and cultures that are not in alignment with the universal laws of love, gratitude and abundance.

This energy is brought through Don’s bodies on request and will enter the individual or group they are working with and start to undo the cloak of world mind that your soul takes on when you come into this world. Layer by layer this cloak is unraveled and dissolved. A cellular, molecular shift takes place in your body at the most profound levels. Over time, as you are guided by the divine light flowing through, your body makes a complete metamorphosis. Those behaviour patterns, mind sets and energy blockages that are at the foundation of physical, mental and emotional illness start to disappear and a new structure of excitement, passion, and self-love begin to emerge.


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