I am originally from Canada but after a well versified Architecture and International event planing career I moved to Costa Rica to embark on my spiritual path. I had a huge awakening. I remembered my childhood dream to create a regenerative high vibrational community and farm. (Although I didn’t know those terms then). ;0) I gave birth to my beautiful son. I ran a successful healing business in Costa Rica and then sold it and bought a farm. 

Three years ago I went with my toddler and stayed at a Biodynamic farm in San Carlos area of Costa Rica. I started learning about the importance of the food and organic regenerative farming. As I lived in community and ate the food from the gardens on these farms I started feeling an incredible difference in my body and mind. I enjoyed life more, lost weight, gained more energy. My son became more balanced emotionally, strengthened his immune system, started gaining healthy weight.  It was very nurturing. After developing friendships, sharing my dreams and aspirations with the lovely people on this large well known farm here in Costa Rica (that exported the only Biodynamic Turmeric to North America) the owner offered me his mentorship support and his original 50 acre biodynamic farm to create a village, community, food forests, cacao and superfood production and a Waldorf inspired School.

So I accepted and purchase the land in February 2015.

So here I am with a beautiful 50 acre farm in the horse shoe of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (the largest private reserve in Costa Rica) and now I have a land and project partner, DaVy Swjin a once social worker and teacher from Belgium who has been involved in Biodynamic and permaculture farming  here in Costa Rica on his own land for the last 10 years. When we shared visions on NYE 2016 we realized we had the same vision and we both felt is was best that we collaborate. So he sold his land bought the 10 acre farm next to my 50 acre plot. He is now my farm manager and we are in full swing of moving forward with the project with his and my team of local workers who are very experienced in organic Costa Rican farming.  

This project is not just for the present moment of being (which is very important) but now it’s for our children and the generations to come.

The project will become an inspiration and model for regenerative living. All in Divine order the land is nestled within the horseshoe of the Children Eternal Rainforest. All neighbouring land projects are in congruence with Biodynamic principals.

Our Waldorf inspired school that we have already created is going very well and we plan on moving it to the land once the buildings are built and all the superfood and fruit trees in full production.

The land will be an example of how to live in a higher vibration in harmony with nature. The children will learn about the rainforest, learn permaculture, biodynamic farming in a tropical agroforestry setting. Mindfulness practice. Survival skills, Art, Music, reading, writing and so much more.

We currently work with La Farmacia Organica the one and only organic food delivery company in Costa Rica. They just so happen to be some of our best friends. We also work with our other friends Two Monkey Chocolate another young family producing artisan chocolate and we are currently working on a deal to export a nutraceutical cacao shot with vitamin D and other essential nutrients and superfoods to help the people up north who need a little boost from what we all living in the tropics get from the ocean and the sun!

More progress has happened in the last year and I look forward to posting more soon….

In the mean time check out some pictures form the farm…